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In cataloguing South African badges, I have used Colin Owen's Book, "The Military Badges and Insignia of Southern Africa" as a key reference. Where possible I have used the numbering system in that book and prefaced each number with "O". Owen’ s Book was published in the early 1980s and some of the later badges are show in Dudley Wall’s book, “ Starting out – collecting South African Militaria” ( Here I have used a W prefix followed by a page number and then the item on the particular page.

There are instances where I have an unlisted variation of a badge, in which case I have numbered it as a sub type with an alphabetic suffix ( say O1234 (a) as a variation of badge O1234 ) . Where there is no similar badge, I have used an arbitrary reference. Ask for digital pictures if there are any badges on which you need clarification.
Key : bl/m - Blackened metal, g/m - gilded metal, c/m - chrome metal, b/m - bimetal

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