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WW1 (1914 - 1939)

BWM to P Gerrard SAHA

BWM to Gnr. P Gerrard SA Heavy Artillery. Gerrard was a Mine Captain ...

Sales price: R 350,00
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ISM and WW1 War and Victory to E H Comper

WW1 War and Victory to 920229. Gnr. H E Comper RA. Imperial Service ...

Sales price: R 950,00
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Royal Naval Reserve Medal to U1707 Sto. T Brennan

Royal Naval Reserve Long Service to Sto. T Brennan. ( GV). Condition ...

Sales price: R 550,00
Price / kg:

WW1 trio and WW2 pair to P C Osbourne

Percy Osbourne farmed in Koffiefontein in the early 1900s. He was a ...

Sales price: R 1500,00
Price / kg:

WW1 trio to G W Wood

WW1 Trio to G W Wood. Wood was a coal miner who emigrated to South ...

Sales price: R 1250,00
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WW1 trio to T R Simpson, RFA

WW1 trio to Cpl. Tudor Rees Simpson. RFA and RA. Saw active service ...

Sales price: R 1000,00
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WW1 War and Victory to H W Scullard

WW1 War & Victory ( bil) to Cpl H W Scullard MTC. Served as a Cpl. ...

Sales price: R 600,00
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