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British Parachute Regiment tie

British Parachute Regiment tie

Sales price: R 250,00
Price / kg:

British red coat

British 'redcoat' tunic. Dated 1901. Good condition.

Sales price: R 4000,00
Price / kg:

Kings African Rifles , 6th Regt. tie

Kings African Rifles 6th Regiment tie, used

Sales price: R 200,00
Price / kg:

Rhodesian Camo. flap cap - support unit patch

Rhodesian Camo. flap cap . Support unit patch. Used condition.

Sales price: R 1500,00
Price / kg:

Rhodesian combat jacket -North

Rhodesian combat jacket. Manufactured by North, Size 97. Worn by PATU ...

Sales price: R 6500,00
Price / kg:

Rhodesian scarf - worn by Patu member on patrol

Rhodesian knitted fabric scarf, worn by Patu member on patrol. ...

Sales price: R 300,00
Price / kg:

Rhodesian webbelt and waterbottle in canvas pouch

Rhodesian web belt with William Smith and Gourock label stitched on ...

Sales price: R 900,00
Price / kg: